Issues with Godaddy ?!


Godaddy, You are the FraudDaddy !!!

Why you should not use Godaddy! #Godaddy #FraudDaddy #NoDaddy

LogikAvenue IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a Bangalore based startup. We transferred our domain name to GoDaddy in 2008 from another registrar expecting better service. We end up losing our domain name in August 2015 !!!

The chronological order of events:

Feb 03, 2015: According to Godaddy, one of the payments towards the renewal of our domain name was declined (reason: credit card owner called the bank and stopped the payment). Surprisingly we receivedNO intimation whatsoever from Godaddy of this declined payment.

August 20, 2015: Our domain points to a different server

Our domain gets pointed to a different server. In a normal scenario, the domain should just have been redirected to Godaddy’s default page at least for some time. This was the first clear indication of Godaddy’ foul play as a facilitator of this fraud transaction.

In the past decade, we have been loyal GoDaddy customers, often buying and renewing many other services including a deluxe hosting plan worth 10 times the renewal cost of the domain.

I received a humiliating call from my client in Netherlands on Aug 20, 2015, saying his emails got bounced, I looked at our site and it was rerouting to a different website ( – pronounced f**k it all). Upon checking the whois database we identified the guy who it was registered to – Al Perkins.

I immediately called Godaddy service center hoping it was a bizarre mistake, but instead was told that they sent me a mail earlier regarding this and that there was a fine of USD 50/-. I told them I received no such mail and asked if they could forward the same mail now, for which they said they don’t have access to emails sent to us

Domain renewed till Dec 2016

The other puzzling fact is that our domain expired on Aug 20, 2015 (as perGoDaddy’s call center and whois info) but now it has been renewed until Dec 2016 which is 1 year and 4 months. As per registrars’ legal information, one cannot renew a portal for such an odd period of time.

Al Perkins is a serial offender

The guy who owns our domain – Al Perkins is a serial offender and there are too many cases against him with respect to hijacking domain names. He has lost all the cases citing the same reason.

Sample cases

1. WIPO Case No. D2014-0227

2. WIPO Case Number D2013-1606

But if that’s the case why are they not banning his account ?! Why are loyal customers being penalized?

I am being blackmailed

His Whois data is also wrong, we called the address given in the whois database – Radisson Blu hotel in UK they said there is no one in that name.

Now, this guy is blackmailing us saying he will put porn on our web site.

Mail content I received from him: 1. “Yes, we have ha lots of your clients asking if you have gone bankrupt…

The price is $10K”

2. “Thanks best $12 I spent, btw enjoy the porn :)”

It’s surprising such kind of criminals still have an account with Godaddy and continuing criminal activities holding companies for ransom, making it hard to believe that this is being done without Godaddy’s knowledge.

Only reason Al Perkins has more than 1000s of domain names and is still operating the same way is because GoDaddy is part of this game.

I have written to and but in vain.

As per ICANN no registrar is supposed to give the domain to people with fake details.

With more than 8 years of relationship with Godaddy, if this is how we are treated, I urge people to stop using their service before you end up in my plight. We are transferring all the domains and canceling all hosting services with this fraud organization.

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 11.09.48 PMUpdate on March 2017

When I was searching the status of the domain in Feb, I found that is listed in Godaddy for auction! Being curious when Al Perkins transferred the domain to Godaddy, I checked Whois data.

Bingo ! There is no update in ICANN DB after 20th Aug 2015, and the registrant contact/admin contact and tech Contact are pointing to Domain by Proxy, initially it showed Al Perkins, but Godaddy was able to change it to “Registration Private Organisation: Domains by Proxy” without even leaving a trace for ICANN database ?!